Start by answering this one question...

"What are the stories only you can tell?"

Anyone who's in business has competition. It's unavoidable. And so we need to find ways to create separation. This week I'm sharing a 3 step exercise to get you thinking about marketing in a whole new way.

#1 - I want you to identify 5-10 of your competitors. Make a list.

Now, I want you to think about what makes you different from all of those places. It can be something as simple as location (no one else has your address)... people (your chef doesn't work for your competition, right?)... decor (how is your vibe different from the other places)... menu (signature dishes)... and so on.

#2 - List 5 things that set you apart from your competition.

Marketing is all about telling stories, and so these "points of differentiation" now become the stories only you can tell. Got a Signature Burger on the menu? Feature it prominently on your various media channels. Does your chef have an interesting story? (And I assure you, they do!) Put that story front and center. Take some photos, sit down for a quick interview, and then share that story with your guests. 

#3 - I want you to brainstorm 3 different ways you can communicate each of those 5 "points of differentiation."

For example... the Signature Burger can be featured on Instagram with a photo and then a caption sharing the ingredients. Then we can do a quick video where the chef is cooking the burger, plating it up, and all the while telling us the inspiration for the dish. Finally, maybe you share the recipe with your fans either through a blog or an e-mail... ("How to make the Signature Burger Blend at home this summer!") 

PLEASE NOTE: Not once did I mention quality because "better" is subjective. It's far more productive to focus on irrefutable details and facts. Plus it's a more generous place to operate from... 

"All those other places are terrific, but if you want our Signature Burger, there's only one place in the world to get it."

That's an argument no one can refute. 

Chip Klose